Master’s programmes involved

Earth Science Engineering MSc; This programme educates geological and geophysical engineers with primary focus on mineral exploration activities. The programme runs in English since 2014 both for Hungarian and international students. Strong engineering training is provided in addition to earth sciences disciplines. Applied research in geophysical inversion methods at UM is well recognized internationally. Research and development results in application of robotized exploration and mining solutions (UNEXMIN, ROBOMINERS projects) is also an important speciality of the UM. The TIMREX portfolio will utilize the first year curriculum of the programme for students starting M1 in Miskolc and receives in M2 students specializing in advanced geophysical methods and application of robotization and sensor technology for exploration tasks.

Mining and Geology MSc, Mineral Resources Exploration specialization. Faculty of Geoengineering, Mining and Geology is one of the strongest institutions for mining and mineral exploration-related engineering programmes in Poland. WUST is closely cooperating with the KGHM, one of the leading ore mining companies in Europe. Faculty of Geoengineering Mining and Geology has a great expertise in underground and surface mining engineering; geotechnical engineering with numerical modelling; geology, hydrogeology and geochemistry; mineral processing; environmental engineering and reclamation; reserve estimation and modelling; geophysics; digitization in mining; mineral economics and financial management. It has been a member of Federation of European Mineral Programmes (FEMP) for many years and participated in Federation of European Mineral Programmes EMMEP for 6 years and it enabled students to obtain double or triple diplomas. The Mining and Geology MSc programme is currently participating in the Geomatic for Mineral Resource Management triple degree programme (

MSc in Exploration and Environmental Geosciences, This MSc programme runs in English and provides the cutting-edge knowledge in exploration and mining geology. The programme is one of the strongest ones in Europe regarding ore mineral exploration and innovative methods used in its education. The TIMREX portfolio covers its Exploration Geosciences specialisation, which focuses on ore geology, geophysical and petrophysical exploration methods, mineral economy and deposit evaluation.

Applied Geology and Geological Engineering MSc, Exploration and Environmental Geology module. The UNIZG-RGNF is the only institution in Croatia for mining and petroleum engineering education programmes, and a leading institution in the South-Eastern European region for mineral exploration-related education and research.