Student selection and admission

Candidates should have a Bachelor’s degree with strong earth sciences background (BSc in Geology, Geophysics, Earth Sciences, Earth Sciences Engineering, Geosciences Engineering, Mining Engineering), as well as an English language certificate to apply for TIMREX programme.

Shared process of application, selection and admission

Students of the TIMREX MSc will apply according to the national rules required at the home university (year 1) of the master studies. In parallel, the students shall apply to the TIMREX programme, where the following mandatory documents shall be provided in an online platform that is being created to effectively accommodate the application process:

  • CV
  • Motivation letter
  • Transcript of records
  • Diploma of the previous study,
  • Recommendation letters (2).

Documents are evaluated by representatives of two academic partners which are not the university of the home university (year 1) studies. Candidates are evaluated in a 100-grade scale according to the following criteria:

  • Relevance of the previous degree to the mineral exploration scope of the TIMREX programme (20%)
  • Academic achievements of the applicant based on transcript of records and additional data (30%)
  • Rank of the university where the previous degree was received (10%)
  • Quality and information content of the motivation letter (10%)
  • Entrepreneurial and innovation potential of the candidate based on the CV and motivation letter (15%)
  • Level of English proficiency based on language certificate (10%)
  • Information content of the recommendation letters (5%)

In the second step, the home university (year 1) completes an interview with the applicant and qualifies according to the following criteria:

  • Level of professional background and experience of the applicant towards mineral resource exploration (40%)
  • Motivation of the applicant towards innovative mineral resource exploration solutions (30%)
  • Level of English proficiency (general and professional vocabulary) (30%)

Based on the grades from the first and second round evaluation, the final rank of the applicants is defined and discussed by the Steering Committee (SC). The SC accepts the decision to admit the applicant to the TIMREX programme and the defined mobility pathway.

Entrepreneurial potential

The entrepreneurial potential of the students will be evaluated during the selection process, taking into account their work experience and motivation towards entrepreneurship based on the CV and motivation letter, which will also be evaluated during the interviews.

The specialty of the mineral prospector’s profession is that it can be performed by freelanced experts or qualified persons owning title under CRIRSCO requirements, who are entitled to sign reports on the work completed. Therefore, field experience, participation in prospecting expeditions or internship completed at an exploration company are assessed during the interviews, which relates to the entrepreneurial potential of the students. Another important aspect of the evaluation criteria is experience and competence in business and/or management issues, based on past by work experience(s) or courses completed.

Entrepreneurial potential is evaluated based on the documents submitted by the student: CV, motivation letter, diploma supplement (first selection round), as well as based on the online interview (second selection round).