MSc in Mineral Exploration

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The objective of the school is to give a field-based mineral exploration experience for students, introducing innovative exploration techniques and approaches, using the example of a low sulphidation hydrothermal ore deposit. The program is designed for earth science bachelor’s and master’s students, primarily from the East-South-Eastern European (ESEE) region. Master students from field of mining engineering are also welcome.

Telkibánya is a well-known historical mining site of the Carpathian region, and the locality and the available exploration databases provide a good environment for an efficient field practice. Invited speakers from the raw materials industry will complement the program.
Upon completion of the programme and competency assessment, certificate about the field school and 3 ECTS shall be earned by the students.

The TIMREX project supports the participation of the students by a scholarship up to 400 € to cover the travel and subsistence costs. Eligibility for the scholarship will be defined by external evaluators based on the completed registration form.


TIMREX is an EIT labelled master’s programme in the field of mineral exploration with double-degree agreements, structured mobility pathways, mentoring sessions, and strong field-based training. In addition to the EIT Label certificate, TIMREX graduates will be awarded a double or single MSc degree from University of Miskolc, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, the University of Zagreb and/or Luleå University of Technology (depending on the study pathway of choice)!

Core aspects


Remote sensing-supported mineral exploration and deposit modelling


Application of portable spectroscopic equipment in field


Inversion-supported geophysical exploration methods


Robotics for mineral exploration


Geostatistics for processing and interpretation of large, multivariate datasets


Complex geochemical and deposit modelling and interpretation

What is a “T-shaped” professional?

The T-shaped professional will have a strong entrepreneurial mindset and combine an in depth knowledge of his own discipline with a sound understanding of the challenges appearing along the whole raw materials value chain. Complexity of the resources sector and mineral exploration work needs this mindset which is opened not only to other disciplines but also towards social and civic issues.

Student testimonials

Zeynep Kezer

Rayhan Aldizan Farrenzo

Daniela Manzano

Gábor Babos

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