The TIMREX consortium was together in Luleå, Sweden, for the annual Steering Committee meeting that was hosted by the education partner LTU (Luleå University of Technology). This opportunity brought together representatives from the partners in order to discuss the current state of the education programme, leassons learned, and the plan for the future activities.

Firstly, we discussed the conclusions and findings from both the pilot and second cohorts, followed by discussions on administrative points and the application wave that will be launched for WUST. Another important topic was the thesis semester for the pilot cohort – in which the topic proposals were analysed and discussed between the programme representatives.

The closure of day 1 was dedicated to a session with students from the pilot cohort. Their feedback on impressions and expectations was invaluable in shaping the project’s future, and we appreciate their dedication and resilience.

The second day of meetings started with discussions on the continuation of TIMREX. Project partners discussed the timeline, improvement points and opportunities for the partners to continue its legacy and relevance towards aspiring students in mineral exploration.

As an EIT RawMaterials project, project management issues were discussed such as the timeline and milestones to pursue in the upcoming months. The consortium is committed to fulfill the obligations on reporting and promotion activities, to guarantee that the target audiences remain aware and interested in the TIMREX programme.

Planning for fieldwork weeks in 2024 was another topic, in which we discussed the coordinating logistics and proper planning of activities. Lastly, we established a roadmap for the closure months of 2023 with regards to KPIs and deliverables; as well as the structure of the tasks in 2024.