Summer school 2022

7 – 11 June 2022


The objective of the school was to introduce innovative mineral exploration methods and techniques with special focus on exploration of hydrothermal ore deposits. Keynote lectures about magmatic-hydrothermal ore forming processes were given by prof. Laurence Robb. The program was designed for earth science master’s students, primarily from the East-South-Eastern European (ESEE) region, but other master’s students from the field of mining engineering were also welcome.

The TIMREX Summer School 2022 program counted with the participation of 32 students,  whose selection criteria was evaluated by a dedicated commitee, based on a structured registration process.

A scholarship of up to 500€ was provided by TIMREX, to cover the travel and subsistence costs, 

Site location

Telkibánya - Hungary

Telkibánya is a well-known historical mining site of the Carpathian region, and the locality provides a good environment for field practice complementing the theoretical parts of the summer school.



Árpád Ádámcsik 

“Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate in the summer school. It would have been a shame to miss this opportunity and I hope that I will have the chance to attend the next one in the future. I was able to learn a lot of things that I hadn’t had the opportunity to learn or hear about at university until now. I will try to make use of them and develop them further in the coming time. We have made a lot of new friends and hope to work with many of them in the future. Thank you very much to the organisers for this event and for giving us the opportunity to have such events as university students.”

Daniel Vasile

“It was amazing. We were presented with the newest, most innovative methods used in exploration geology. I am very pleased with the overall experience. The information we receive every day is very valuable to me. The particular interest of study revolved around metalliferous ore deposits and that is exactly what I wished for. Everybody, from the teachers to the students was very sociable, happy and wonderful, beautiful people in general. It was an experience for the books. I want to thank everybody and hopefully, I’ll be there for the next one.”

Deligiorgis Vasilios

“Very good connections between courses and field excercises.”

Ernest Konadu-Yiadom

“I have shared a post about it on LinkedIn ( and Facebook.”

Filip Petrić

“I liked how humble the location and venue looked like, whilst containing much substance and depth. We visited many sites and saw brand new technology in action – something that made me really interested and invested in this summer school. The professors were friendly, communicative and a master presenters. I enjoyed every lecture, although i didn’t know much about the topics before hand (i am a mining engineer). The pace i was learning new information and skills was unprecedented for me, and the organizers made sure the timetable was flexible so we could finish the topic before with quality and style. The organization of this summer school was surprisingly good, and although we were in a rush many times it was all worth it due to the quality information we were given. The food was a blast and the atmosphere the students and Telkibanya resonated was refreshing.”

Irma Becelyte

“Timex summer school taught me many things starting from the geology of the region to the most innovative exploration techniques. I got a better understanding of igneous ore-forming processes, data interpretation, and visualization methods. Different geological talks were presented by professionals who’ve known a subject the best; lecture materials were supplemented with examples and useful practicals. I am very glad that I had an opportunity to participate in this summer school, which gave me a lot of knowledge and brought me together with so many nice people.”

Karla Štiberc

“The whole program was fulfilling, innovative, educational and captivating. Organisers took care of our travelling and everything that we needed there. All the lecturers were well prepared and open to every question and discussion. Fieldwork was related to lectures. Free time was also well organised and filled with sightseeing and social activities. I had a great time and heard a lot of applicable information for my studies and future career.”

Will McCreery

“I absolutely loved this course. The professors and instructors were well-organised, thorough, and provided a great view of the future of the geologist. The students they selected were engaged and focused, and everyone was extremely friendly. Attending the summer school was a delight.”