The TIMREX consortium had the first opportunity to meet in person to conduct a Steering Committee meeting in Zagreb, Croatia. This assembly happened on the 3 – 4 October 2022, divided in two periods, to discuss the ongoing activities and the objectives for the next months. In this opportunity, each partner had a representative to contribute to the decision-making process within TIMREX, led by the Project Coordinator Ferenc Madái – University of Miskolc. 

After a round of introductions between the participants, the agenda started with discussions regarding the EIT Label application and labelling process, which is within the scope of WP3. These discussions were followed by the adjustment of the joint curriculum, with contribution from both the education and industry partners. Part of the education programme is dedicated to mentoring on entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as the development of modules to address this demand – which was also covered in the discussion block.

The following day started with fine-tuning the ongoing pilot cohort (2022/2023), with the purpose of introducing TIMREX’s added value to students at the partner universities. After that, there was a joint discussion about outreach tools, such as promotional videos, to be developed and published in the upcoming months. The final discussions covered the plan to implement the field work for the summer field camp program for 2023.

As a conclusion, the Project Coordinator summarized the discussions and provided an overview about the roadmap for 2022 KPIs, deliverables, and preparation for 2023 tasks.